The story behind the girl who undressed in Piccadilly

The Liberators International, lead by Peter Sharp, is an originally Australian group that creates engaging acts of freedom and kindness that aim to remind us that beyond our differences there’s love and humanity.

To share this beautiful message, they record each of their public actions and create moving videos that inspire people from all over the world. The public even recreates their own similar unified participatory actions in different countries, making the audience even broader, having received more than 100 million worldwide views on their videos.

Although originally from Australia, the group now has an international reach. During August 2015 The Liberators went on a tour to Europe where they initiated liberating acts in five major cities: Barcelona, Paris, London, Amsterdam and Berlin. Happenings included, The Blind Trust Experiment, The Eye Gazing and The Train Party.

While in London, the co-director of the group, Jae West, decided to create an act that promoted self-acceptance. She undressed at Piccadilly Circus, one of the busiest public spaces in London, and blindfolded herself.  She stood there holding markers and a sign that said: “I’m standing for anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder issue or self-esteem like me… To support self-acceptance draw a love heart in my body”.

The public had a positive reaction to her act and the video case was widely shared online. The story was featured by several blogs and even on television, having been repeated by other women in different countries since.