Q&A: Andrej Uspenski

Why did you make dancers your subject? Dancers are incredible artists, apart from our physically abilities we use dance as a form of expression, using the body in a unique way to express, portray, reveal a story and as a dancer myself it came natural to me to start taking pictures of dancers.

How do you capture movement in a still image? As a dancer I am familiar with ballet technique and also the dancers of The Royal Ballet, when I see the movement, instinctively I know its the right moment to take a picture.

What special moments have you captured behind the scenes at The Royal Ballet? Being part of The Royal Ballet I’m in a unique position to have access to all the backstage areas unfamiliar to the public, for the dancers this is our world, our environment and I wanted to captures these moments. When dancers are backstage they are not playing a character and these are my favourite moments.

What do you think people will find unique or surprising about your photographs? When on stage dancers are aware we are being watched, there’s an audience watching every single step we do. What’s unique about my book is that my photographs show the dancers in a different light of being themselves.

Dancers – Behind the Scenes with The Royal Ballet by Andrej Uspenski, published by Oberon Books priced £35, available from