Boogaloo & Graham - The Short

It was the script that drew Michael Lennox to Boogaloo & Graham. "It was extremely funny," he says. Written by fellow Northern Irish friend Ronan Blaney, it was the madness of life, the absurdity of chickens in the everyday of troubled 1980s Northern Ireland that made the film seem special.

Completely ignoring rule of thumb, never work with kids or animals, Lennox, who has been called "the heart of darkness", delved into the challenge, excited to be working on something lighthearted, yet historically relevant. The film has found major support from Northern Ireland Screen.

The two boys in the short Aaron Lynch and Riley Hamilton are undoubtedly the stars of the shows, perhaps only en par with the chickens. 

Lennox is mid-production of his debut feature film, but will never leave shorts behind. He calls it "an exciting time for short film right now".

Very exciting indeed, we'll keep our fingers crossed to see if after a successful Bafta evening, Boogaloo & Graham will take home an Oscar for Best Live Action short as well. 

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