Amazing Pianist - Jean-Philippe Rio-Py

Raised in the South of France in a strict religious sect wherein ritual beatings and sequestration were the norm, pianist Jean-Philippe Rio-Py sought solace and freedom in music, reattaching the strings of an old piano with pieces of wool. At 18, he escaped the sect and moved to Los Angeles to start afresh. There, with almost no money to live on, he was forced to sleep on the streets and eventually move back to France, where he made a living performing at bars and clubs. Later, he moved to the UK where he met Michael Freeman who offered a generous patronage and a chance to study composition in Oxford. In just 18 months, Rio-Py's talent wasn't left unnoticed. He's now signed with some of the biggest labels, Cutting Edge / Air Edel and EMI and has been selected as a Young Steinway Artist, a prestigious community which boasts of members, such as Billy Joel, Diana Krall and other world-class classical musicians. In an exclusive, the prodigiously talented artist performs one of his original compositions for and tells us why he "needs" to play the piano.