Gilles Peterson

DJ and record label owner Gilles Peterson has been in the business for nearly 30 years, and with a new record coming out and plans to open a London club, it looks as if he’s got no plans to quit any time soon.

Gilles began collecting records from a young age, making regular trips to the local import store and hiding his purchases from his mother before smuggling them up to his room. The Swiss-French DJ was soon playing his collection at the local wine bar, focussing predominantly on Brazilian batucada (a fast-paced samba style of music). A somewhat strange progression for a teenage South-londoner at the time, it is something Peterson has stuck with, his recordings and labels focussing on modern jazz, particularly influenced by Brazilian styles.

Naturally, a trip to Rio de Janeiro earlier this year to create his new record was a dream come true for Peterson. Able to hand pick some of his favourite artists in creating a band, Peterson says he hopes his new record “has enough of a sort of authentic Brazilian-ness mixed with a European approach to why that music makes so much sense.”

Currently searching for the ideal London venue to create his own club, Peterson says he has no plans to stop doing what he does best. “I was going to give up at 14, but I started enjoying it a lot. then I was going to give it up at 50, but I’m not going to - I’m just going to keep on enjoying it. It’s so much fun.”

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