Canada’s Largest Organic Winery

In the heart of the picturesque city of Kelowna in Okanagan Valley, British Columbia lies Summerhill Winery. Founded and managed by Eric von Krosigk Summerhill is toted as Canada’s largest organic winery. Producing high quality wines with an ethos which may surprise the wine drinking public and astute connoisseurs alike. 


Taking a character from 1892 to 2015

Carmen Giannattasio’s unique talent has met stages all over the world and currently can be found in London at the Royal Opera House, where the singer gave us some insight to her experience being part of the famous opera: Cavalleria Rusticana/Pagliacci.


A Sign of Times Gone By

Mike Meyers, American sign painter takes us through his trade and art, showing us why hand-painted signs still matter in this digital era.


The guys said "you can't be a woman and an artist."

How Judy Chicago Changed The Art World


According to Judy Chicago, the art world was very hostile towards female artists. She would often be asked how she could possibly be both a woman and an artist. Being introduced in such a sexist context, the artist began to research women’s history and decided to create a piece to honor those women whose history had been erased.


"The best restaurant in the f*cking world" ?

Before opening his own restaurant in his hometown, Madrid, DiverXO, David Muñoz had work experience in several other restaurants, including Asian venues in London. This variety of experiences along with Muñoz’s creativity to channel all his knowledge into shaping his unique style, lead him to conquer three Michelin Stars.

Due to DiverXO’s success, David Muñoz also created StreetXO, a more casual and low cost version of the fine restaurant, now also existent not only in Madrid, but also in Central London.


Laura Doggett - A voice worth hearing

21 year old, Bath-born, Laura Doggett released her first album, Into the Glass, earlier this year. She has quickly attracted a growing UK fan-base with her distinctive voice and honest lyrics.


The story behind the girl who undressed in Piccadilly

Jae West undressed in Piccadilly as part of a movement lead by The Liberators, a group that combines performance art & flash mob activism across the globe, exploring self identity, communication and human interaction in today's society.


Liam Hodges

Looking at the transformation of rugged beginnings into luxury menswear with the Kent-born designer.


The French music producer and DJ discusses his unique style, on stage installations and Trans-Siberian inspiration


The designer's visual concept for The Cunning Little Vixen at the Finnish National Opera inspired his homeware range for Iittala



Petite Meller

Investigating sexuality, psychoanalysis and New Wave cinema with a French nuovo-jazzy popstar


The legendary American artist, designer and architect on why it isn't always his goal to have his projects realised

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The Toymakers: Sucklord

Made from detritus, fecal matter and toxic chemicals - the Super Sucklord's pop-culture artefacts are found in 'shit-shops' worldwide

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